Things I would like to try one day

Hello readers, this week I am going to tell you about a few things I would like to try. Whether that be really soon or later in life. I am the type of guy that likes trying new things and being adventurous with new things.

One thing I would like to try in Sarnia is wake boarding at Boarder Pass wake boarding park by the Sarnia Bay Marina. I have always been interested in this and recently this past summer witnessed them doing tricks for a crowd at the power boat races.

Some food I want to try in my life is frog legs, kobe beef, traditional raman from Japan, and moose from northern Canada. These are all foods I havent tried before and I would like to try them because I either have heard good things about them or believe I will enjoy them because of other favourites I have tried before.

I think it is important to try new things and travel to see those things as much as possible. You develop a good knowledge of the world around you and get to see amazing things. You should try new things too! There will be a link below for you to explore.

The Link!

Well this is the final week on my schedule, thank you for reading!

Kyle Brand


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