What have I learned

Hello readers, this week I will be posting about my experiences and what I have learned from life this semester not including school. Well maybe a little school related.

So I would say the biggest thing I have learned is to not stress about things, that at the end of the day that don’t matter. Whether that be an ex girlfriend, missing a night out with friends, or anything years ahead of you. Girls will come and go or boys for that matter. Promises and things said do not really mean a lot at this age. One day they can just walk away for what ever reason, just allow yourself to move on and be happy with out. Missing a night out as well sucks, but you know there will probably be a chance the next day if not next week. So take that night worry free and study for your test. Finally don’t look too far in to the future. Live your life right now with regards to the future, meaning still do well in school.

I guess all of these things can relate back to just live a life where you are happy and healthy everyday. As well be excited for your future, not obsessed with it. Relax and enjoy life friends! Plus check out the link below for stress relieving activities!

Link- http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20794075,00.html

Cheers til next week friends!

Kyle Brand


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