Review of The Refined Fool in Sarnia

Hello everyone, earlier this summer I ventured through the Sarnia downtown area and stumbled across The Refined Fool brewery. I was very intrigued by the place because I enjoy trying small name brews or micro brews as they are called. So I go in and immediately impressed by atmosphere and service. Everyone smiled at me, both customers and staff. Then I ask the bar tender what she suggests I try as I had not been there before. So I take my seat and she brings me 3 small glasses of beer all different colours and aromas. One beer really stuck out and that was ‘Long walk, short pier’ now I apologize if I got the name wrong but this beer was phenomenal!

Another thing that makes this place such a treasure for the downtown of Sarnia is they dont make food there, so you can order a pizza right the this bar and eat that along with your beer of choice. I had never heard of any place ever doing such a thing, I loved that idea.

To give this brewery a rating out of five with my rookie experience I would have to say 5/5. Hands down great beer, great atmosphere, great staff and since I can order and food I want great food! What a place to go with friends or meet new people.

Check it out here!

Thank you for another week!

Kyle Brand


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