Dragonball Z Super

dbsHello again! This week I will be talking about the brand new Dragon Ball Z Super series! The series takes place after the events of the Dragon Ball Z series and soon after the events of the Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods Movie. The new movie called Resurrection of F takes place during the new series and the new series highlights that.

What makes this so amazing is it completely takes out Dragon Ball GT from being cannon, a lot of fans were very happy with this move. The new series already has seventeen episodes and is in my opinion a big step in animation for the Dragon Ball brand. Most of the original voice actors are back at least for the english episodes and new characters have been introduced. Along with a new plot once the events of Resurrection of F are through.

Why should you watch it? Well because Dragon Ball is the original anime, it inspired the writer of Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon and many others. For myself it brings back happy memories of Saturday morning cartoons and being inspired to do anything I wanted (like being a hero of the world). So make time and even check out the trailer for the series which I will post below.

Thanks again!

Kyle Brand              Trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cLeaZrhhIA


(n.d.). Retrieved November 3, 2015, from http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_511,w_730/t_mp_quality/glhmh7hfa2iurhwxjhj2/dbs-plot-revealed-new-characters-alternate-universes-and-giant-super-dragon-balls-486093.jpg


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