Star Wars!

Hey there! This week I will be talking about Star Wars Specifically the new Movie! Which I just got tickets for the other day to see on opening night in London! I am so very excited for this movie! The community that Star Wars has started since it first came out is out of this world.

Star wars was recently bought by Disney so they got rid of a lot of what is considered cannon in the star wars universe. But they are making new content to be considered cannon to fill in the gaps. With TV shows like Rebels that came out last year and novels and comics that recently came out.

Now for the new movie. Disney has stated there will be a part 7, 8, and 9 as well as side movies. The 7th movie trailer just came out which I will link below. What you should be excited for in this edition is the brand new cast that no one has even heard of and the visual aspect. The CGI and costumes are looking to be out of this world based on the trailer and the new villain Kylo-Ren is very mysterious. I would say my biggest fear is that they go a different direction as to what George Lucas originally planned. But check it out for yourself please!

Til next week!

Kyle Brand

Link to the Trailer!


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