Heros of the Storm!

Blizzard(2015, April 20)

Good after noon! Today I will be talking about a game I have gotten into this year, which is odd because I am not at all much of a gamer. The game is called Heros of the storm, a MOBA or Multiplayer online battle arena. The game is free to play and they have a rotation of characters to play for free every two weeks. The only time you need to pay for the game is for individual characters that you want to play all the time, not just when they are on the free rotation.

I like this game because it has allowed me to connect with my friends after school more who do not go to my college. We have started a team and even play on the competitive side of the game. Of course I am the newest player but I have taken on the role of healer, and I now have a character that is called Medic so I am always super psyched because I am in school to be a medic.

I recommend this game to anyone of my readers, the game is fast placed and extremely team oriented so you will not feel like you’re not helping when you are new. Also the community that plays the game is awesome, everyone wants to play and teach you the ropes, all in all a great experience!

Thank you



Blizzard’s Worlds Collide When Heroes of the Storm™ Launches June 2. (2015, April 20). Retrieved October 20, 2015.


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