What I am watching on Netflix these days

Lindelof, D. (2014, September 22).

For my first post I decided my topic would be on my number distraction and probably everyone’s. I watch Netflix a lot, this
summer I watched Thats’s 70’s Show, LOST, Scrubs, Knights of Sidonia, many movies and a few animes. Netflix was what some people would say “my life”. But I still went outside, I volunteered, I worked in a chemistry lab, and studied for the upcoming school year.

The way I see Netflix and how I believe many others in my generation see it is space killer. So when I make dinner it is on, when I clean it is on, when I fall asleep even it will be playing. I still would say I follow the content but I feel my generation has almost mastered the art of multi tasking.

From my summer I would highly recommend everyone reading this Blog to watch LOST, even if you have seen it before. The amount of connections I picked up on this time compared to the first time watching it was astounding. And I actually enjoyed the ending the second time though, where I did not the first time.

Finally, my current Netflix addiction is Grey’s Anatomy. I watched up until the tenth season last year and the newest season just came out on the Netflix line up. The show is iconic for binge watching and as a student of health care I find it very interesting and laugh when they do something ‘Hollywood’ such as defibrillating a flat line.

I hope you like my first post and can relate to my Netflix addiction.



Lindelof, D. (2014, September 22). Damon Lindelof on How ‘Lost’ Changed Showrunning. Retrieved September 29, 2015.


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